Fabrication is a form of art just like many manufacturing processes. The ability to take simple sheets of metal and transform into complex geometry by shearing, bending, shaping, rolling and welding is astounding. A variety of machines and tools from classic 1800’s technology to modern advancements continue to provide all around solutions for manufacturers across the world. Where fabrication shops thrive is usually in the same place as all other manufacturing processes- high volume work where complex setups can be tried and true. The interesting challenge our shop faces is the innovation needed for fabricating a different product from either 1 piece to 600 pieces on any given day.

Our journey as a fabrication shop got a major boost at the end of 2017. While we have always offered welding and basic fabrication as a service to our customers, we recently invested heavily in newer technology and expanded capabilities. Our American-Made Bentenbender press brake can handle ⅜” thick up to 10’ wide. We also have two types of rollers- plate roller for up to 6’5” wide sheets 3⁄8” thick and another for angle and tubing. This in collaboration with our CNC waterjet, which we acquired in 2015, proves we are well suited for most fabrication challenges. We continue to invest in our welding department over the years with new tooling and units. Our customers come with prints, samples or samples with a list of changes. We’re ready for it all. Give us a chance to be your custom fabrication shop today!