Quality Control

Precise Quality Control – On Your Schedule.

Our quality control equipment is housed in a temperature controlled environment, 24/7, insuring the most accurate testing of your parts and fabrications.

Quality Service, On Your Schedule– This is not just our motto, it’s the very basis of how we do business. Lindsay Machine Works, Inc. believes no matter how quickly we deliver your part, or how competitive our pricing is- if we don’t deliver quality parts, in compliance with your specs, we risk losing our your business.

Inspection is a critical part of our production process. In addition to the many hand held gauges, test kits, surface plates, test indicators, calipers, micrometers, and hardness testers, our Starrett Galileo AV350-QC5000 CNC vision and probe inspection system is in constant use. This system provides exceptional accuracy for a wide range of measuring applications and elevates our quality control program to a higher standard.

Starrett Galileo Vision System