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Waterjet CNC

Our Flow and Omax Waterjets are a computer-controlled machine that uses pressurized water and garnet abrasives to cut complex shapes with extreme precision. Waterjets provide incredible accuracy, ensuring a smooth surface finish without any chip-out or burrs. 

One of the major advantages of waterjet machining is the fact that it is a “cool process” and therefore does not thermally distort the work piece.

Waterjet CNC: Up to 72” x 120”

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Precision and accuracy

Waterjet CNC is renowned for its accuracy and precision when cutting materials. This is due to the fact that it uses extremely high-pressure water that is mixed with an abrasive creating a powerful cutting stream. The geometry of the cutting stream allows for incredibly intricate cuts that can range from 0.001” to more than  6” thick. This makes Waterjet CNC the most economical and accurate option for precision machining since it eliminates costly material waste associated with other machining processes.

Cost-effective CNC machining

The cost-effectiveness of waterjet CNC machining makes it a popular option for both small and large projects. The use of abrasive in the cutting stream makes it possible to cut through almost any material with minimal loss.  In addition, waterjet machines are also capable of cutting complex shapes with intricate details.

Effective on a variety of materials

Additionally, Waterjet CNC is extremely versatile and can be used to cut almost any material. The most commonly cut materials are metals especially steel, aluminum, and titanium, as well as, plastics of all types.

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