Industries Served

Lindsay Machine Works has a successful track record of delivering superior results for companies in every industry we serve. Our ongoing investment in our people, equipment, technology, and facilities ensures we will continue to provide quality manufacturing services to our customers. From the machining of replacement parts that are no longer available or hard to find, or reliable welding and fabrication services, we deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

Construction & Agricultural

We repair, modify and re-manufacture OEM Replacement Parts for all types of construction equipment and agricultural equipment.  In one case, we were brought a large part that would have cost $24,000 to replace.  We were able to repair the part, passing on to our customer over $20,000 in savings.


Our machine shop works closely with energy & utility companies as well as the gas & oil industries.  In one case, we were able to save a large Midwestern city thousands of dollars by providing the particular equipment, space needed and the repair capabilities to overhaul a large industrial component.


The railroad industry calls on us for a variety of processes.  From OEM part repairs to metal fabrication, the railroad industry looks to our machine shops skill and experience to get it right the first time, and every time.

Food Processing

We serve several food processing plants and food processing equipment manufacturers in the Kansas City area and throughout the Midwest. In many cases, these customers are in need of of short-run manufacturing parts that consistently wear out and require frequent replacement.


The US Military, and companies that support them, call on our Kansas City area machine shop for new and repaired machined parts. We provide machining from extremely small components to very large complex parts. As a veteran owned shop, we are proud to serve the US Military for their machining needs.

Chemical Processing

Chemical processing is an industry that we support on a regular basis.  One client seeks our machine shop’s expertise on routinely needed PVC parts, which are used in a liquid delivery system.

Customer Testimonials

We find that Lindsay Machine Works has the equipment and personnel to handle our wide and varied repair needs.”
-Jim W., a consumer products manufacturer

“We use Lindsay Machine Works to repair expensive parts at a substantial savings for our customers.”
-Les S., a supplier of agricultural products and equipment

“Lindsay Machine Works is my number one choice for precision machining…I confidently recommend them and have for years.”
– Rick V., engineer at a environmental services provider

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