What Is CNC Machining? Exploring Common CNC Machines

CNC Machines is commonly referenced with a wide range of meanings. From hobby machines to large palletized machining centers, CNC machines come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of capabilities and precision.  CNC machines usually are divided into two main categories just as manual machines: mills and lathes.

Mills, both CNC and manual machines, have a rotating tool and a stationary workpiece. Mills usually have three axes; X, Y, & Z. Some CNC mills have more axes, most commonly 4th or 5th axis machines. At Lindsay Machine Works, we have many 4th axis capable mills and three 5th Axis CNC Milling machines. Some larger shops with production runs have palletized CNC machining centers where multiple setups can be done and/or a workpiece can be mounted while another workpiece is being worked on. This could allow for faster production and possibly even lights out production.

Lathes, both CNC and manual machines, have a spinning workpiece and a stationary tool. Lathes usually have 2 axes: X & Z. Some CNC lathes have additional capabilities such as live tooling which allows for rotating tooling to be used to add additional features within the same setup and machine. CNC lathes also can have bar feeders and parts catchers to allow for more autonomous running.

Here at Lindsay Machine Works, the bulk of our CNC machines are Hurco and Haas machines. We have a variety of CNC machines in many sizes and even some specialty machines. Our largest CNC lathe can turn up to 26″ in diameter and 82″ long. Our largest CNC Mill has a table 32″ x 120″. We also have a live tooling lathe in addition to the 4th & 5th Axis mills.

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