Choosing the right machine shop for your machining project can be a daunting task. Machine shops often specialize in differing areas specific even to a certain industry. A machine shop not experienced enough to handle certain aspects of machining, can turn into more of a liability than an asset.

Machine Shop Factors to Consider:
Finding a machine shop that will deliver what you ordered, when and how you ordered it, consistently is vital. “Word of Mouth” is your best and most reliable source of information. Checking online can also be quite useful. Googling industry specific directories can help weed out the small-time operations from those with substance, consistency and reliability.machine shops in kansas city
As you begin to shop around for a precision machining provider, here are some things to keep in mind:
• How large is the facility? Is it large enough to handle your work along with others on a deadline? Is it small enough to have comparable rates and customer service.
• Does the shop have a specialty area? Will their suppliers work with your plans, prototypes or drawings? Does their personnel have industry experience.
• What order quantity does the machine shop prefer? If you are in need of short runs can the supplier meet your expectations. If you are expecting your needs to grow, look for a shop that can grow with you.
• How many years has the shop been an actual business? A shop that has been around for a number of years is more likely to have experience that can help you find custom solutions.
• How long has the average employee been with the company? Machinists with years of experience can be a great resource and benefit, they are more likely to have worked on a similar situation in the past. Low turnover rates also show the shop is stable and a higher likelihood that other customers are satisfied.
• Find out the capabilities of the machine shop. Some shops specialize in Multi-Axis CNC or CNC lathe work while others focus on other sub-specialties. Choose the shop which has the machining equipment and trained machinists to do the processes you need.
• Does the machine shop offer quality assurance? It is best to make sure the part is tested and retested to validate that it meets with your specifications, this is a must. Your time and materials are precious, it is important the machine shop you choose takes that seriously.
Will the shop collaborate with you, once a relationship has been forged?

The right machine shop will work with you to not only make sure your job is to your specifications, but also offer knowledgeable suggestions by experienced machinists to make sure your getting the biggest bang for your buck, as well as the highest quality.

With over 20 years in Independence Missouri, serving the Greater Kansas City area, Lindsay Machine Works Inc. is worth your consideration.

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