3 Axis – 4 Axis – 5 Axis – CNC Live Tooling Turning Center

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At Lindsay Machine Works we offer Ultra Precision Machining to all of our machine shop customers.  Using the Hurco 3, 4 and 5 Axis Milling Centers, and the Haas DS-30SSY (dual spindle – live tooling), we are able to create and maintain extremely precise tolerances, making these processes favored ­­­among many manufacturing mechanical engineers.

Our  highly  skilled  machinists  are  trained  and  experienced  in  operating  all  of  our  multi-axis  machines.


CNC Machining Lindsay Machine Works in Kansas City
Furthermore, the Lindsay machinists makes sure the job measures up to our quality assurance inspections on a consistent basis.   These machines and their operators are able to deliver small to large complex parts, quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Lindsay Machine Works has offered multi-axis machining for several years, while maintaining a strong and extensive manual machine shop as well.   

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Lindsay Machine Works, Inc. offers several 5 axis, 4 axis And 3 axis CNC  machining choices, depending on your needs:

CNC Capabilities:

Turning: Up to 26” x 80”
Milling: Up to 32” x 64”
3-Axis Machining Centers
4-Axis Machining Centers
5-Axis Machining Centers

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