Lindsay Machine Works Inc. is known for machining large parts. Take a look at these large shafts made of 4140 pre-hard steel for an industrial manufacturer in the Kansas City area. These shafts were machined using precision CNC machines. The parts’ design includes multiple threads, keyways and bearing diameters.

The raw material is first faced to length and center drilled, then it is sent to our large CNC lathe. Our skilled machinist maneuvers the material into place using a crane. Then the lathe is programed to specifications sent by the client. Once the tooling is set and the program is written, the lathe is ready to begin. The shape of the shaft and the threading are machined here.

Once the part is done with this process, it’s moved to our large CNC mill to machine the keyways. Each shaft takes several hours to machine.

Our machinists are cross-trained and skilled in quality inspections, assuring our customers that we get it right the first time and every time. Lindsay Machine Works machine shop has been serving the Kansas City area for over 20 years with experts you can trust.