At Lindsay Machine Works, press brake tooling is just one of the many ways we do quality fabrication. In the Kansas City area, we have over 50 machines in our 25,000 square foot facility. Therefore, from quality metal fabrication to repair parts for large, heavy equipment, Lindsay Machine Works has the capability to manufacture, repair, modify or fabricate almost anything!

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Process of press brake 

Press brakes use force to form a metal sheet and or plate material into a shape. These machines have self-stabilizing features needed for high-performance bending. However, the brakes vary depending on how you apply the force. They can be pneumatic, servo-electric, hydraulic, or mechanical. 

Other processes available:

CNC Machining

A computer numerical control machine uses programmed instructions to determine the movement of tools. It has a program that controls things like turning coolant, spindle speed, and more. The program also tells the following:

  • What cutter to use
  • The direction to move the cutter
  • When to turn the coolant

You can get almost any CNC machine to suit your needs from plastic to aluminum to titanium.

Waterjet CNC

Waterjet is a precise cutting machine that uses pressure and abrasive such as garnet. It features a cool process that ensures you don’t distort your work manually. This means that it can cut materials like rubber and plastic in addition to metals. The actual cutting is done on top of water with the cutting pressure maintained at 55,000 PSI. 

Welding and Fabrication Tools

Whether you need to work from drawings or design a custom assembly, you can find the correct process to complete the job. Some of the welding types available include GTAW/TIG, GMAW, and MMAW. You can do gas metal arc welding, inert gas welding, and shielded metal arc welding. For fabrication, you can use tools like:

  • Tube roller
  • Plate roller to create rings or barrels
  • Plasma cutter
  • Shear

Manual Machining

While most machines are software-driven, some require manual manipulation. Ideally, a manual machine offers flexibility in the process and is cost-effective. They include: conventional engine lathe, vertical turning lathe, surface grinding, and manual milling machine.


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