Bridges in North Carolina depend on Lindsay Machine Works’ machining expertise.  A bridge contractor orders a rush on large custom milled bridge parts.  Using our Haas VF6, along with our Hurco VM 10, our precision machine shop is able to get this order machined precisely and out the door ahead of schedule.

Our skilled machinists make sure each part is machined to the customer’s specifications.  These bridge plates are from 11 to 19 feet long, and milled from A36 Structural Steel and are designed as Hold Down Plates.  Precision inspections take place throughout each process.  At Lindsay Machine Works, we handle large parts needing CNC machining on a daily basis.

From bridges and mining support structures, to just about any industry you can name, parts made by LMW are used all over the USA.  Along with our climate controlled Quality Control Department and cross trained machinists, Lindsay Machine Works offers years of machining experience to every job we take on.
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