Lindsay Machine Works Inc. has been serving Kansas City area businesses, which continue to be a mainstay for our machine shop, for over 20 years. This KC area machine shop is not just offering services to local businesses, but to businesses and industries all over the United States as well.

Lindsay Machine Works Inc. started out as a small family owned machine shop. Maintaining the family ownership, Lindsay Machine Works has grown to include over 50 machines and processes, housed in over 17,000 square feet, in the city of Independence Missouri. Located just north of the Missouri River at the cross-roads of highways 291 and 210, Lindsay Machine Works keeps adding to our list of capabilities.



Why do Kansas City area businesses keep coming back to Lindsay Machine Works? One reason is because of our wide range of capabilities. Our machine shop is able to machine very large and heavy parts to extremely small and intricate components and we take Quality Assurance very seriously. Parts are inspected to make sure they meet our clients’ needs and specifications.   From on-the-spot production inspections, to our climate controlled Quality Assurance Department, we make sure it’s right the first time and every time.


With a strong internet presence and an easy to use smartphone RFQ App, we are ready for whatever challenges the future brings. Lindsay Machine Works Inc. is ready to serve businesses from all over the country, and is especially proud to be counted as a Kansas City area business.
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