KC Printing Equipment Manufacturer Needs OEM Parts Modified and Using CAD Capabilities – Machine Shops-Kansas-City



A printing press refurbishing company comes to Lindsay Machine Works Inc. for repair and re-manufacture of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part assembly. This equipment client wants it modified according to their specifications, which results in a lighter, more compact and less expensive assembly.

Our machinists first dissembles the original apparatus to modify the areas indicated by the client. Once the part is modified, new drawings are made to reflect the exact measurements of the new part.

The part goes through a deburring and finish tapping process, and then it’s sent to the Quality Control Department for a final inspection. Once the inspection process is complete, the parts are ready for final assembly.

Now these OEM parts, both repaired with modifications as well as re-manufactured with modifications, are ready to preform and help keep our clients presses printing for years to come.

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