With over 50 machines and processes, offering welding and fabrication to CNC precision manufacturing. Our machine shop has become known for its fast turn-around, especially when you need it yesterday.

Lindsay Machine Works manufactures all kinds of parts for many different industries.

Each part is expertly and precisely machined or fabricated by our experienced CNC machinists and welders.

At Lindsay Machine our machinists are highly skilled, each member of our team is extensively trained and all have years of experience.

Each part goes through quality control checks throughout the production process or repair.   We are capable of manufacturing smaller parts and components, as well as large parts and fabrications.

We serve many industries and factories throughout the Midwest.

Our attention to detail shows in every part we produce.
We produce parts for short-runs and contract manufacturing, as well as one-offs and prototypes.  Companies have come to rely on Lindsay Machine Works for precision, consistency and high quality work.

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