3D Printer kansas city solidworks

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Lindsay Machine Works makes parts for many different industries.  Recently, we had the opportunity to use our industrial grade 3D Printer, made by Stratasys.  Our customer is responsible for a dental operation near the Kansas City area. They came to Lindsay Machine Works to replicate an obsolete dental device.

The customer brought in a sample and asked if we could print it using production grade plastic.
LMW’s Fortus 380 uses production grade ABS thermoplastics, which provide a durable state-of-the-art material, ready to use right after printing.

Our skilled Quality Control Manager is able to reverse-engineer the device using our Starrett Galileo Vision System along with SolidWorks.  Once the part is drawn, it’s set-up in the 3D Printer. The manager makes sure there is enough materials to start the run.  This part in particular only takes a few hours to produce.  Once it finishes printing, it will be helping dental patients every day, with the durability of any other ABS thermoplastic process.