Many precision machine shops offer welding as part of their list of services. At Lindsay Machine Works

our welding department is top notch with the help of our welding positioner. A welding positioner is a device that allows our welder to remain in one position and constantly work on a level surface that rotates 360 degrees.

Since the welder doesn’t need to constantly re-position the part being welded to complete the weld, the welding positioner saves time and money by increasing productivity. It also tends to ensure a higher level of consistency in the weld bead itself.

Fatigue can also be an issue when welding these difficult pieces due to the time and frequent interruptions to re-position, the welding position-er eliminates that.

At Lindsay Machine Works, we are always looking out for the customer as well as our employees. Our precision machine shops’ welding department scores high in both with the ProFax Welding Positioner.
KC Machine Shops – Welding Positioner Benefits!

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