Lindsay Machine Works is testing our new
Fortus MC380 3D Printer.


ABS Thermoplastic is so widely used it is labeled “General Purpose”. Today’s FDM technology is 40% to 70% stronger than the FDM technology of just a few years back. Now FDM offers greater tensile, impact, and flexural strength. Our test runs are going perfectly, we are looking forward to putting this machine into production.

The majority of today’s consumer products and many commercial ones, are composed of thermoplastics. Another popular use of thermoplastics is prototyping. Prototyping is how Engineers create and test new products they are designing. That is just one of the many reasons 3D printing using thermoplastics is so popular today.

FDM® or Fused Deposition Modeling machines, like ours at Lindsay Machine Works, are able to make parts using common thermoplastics, such as ABS, poly-carbonate, plus a variety of other grades of plastic.

Our 3D Printer not only makes prototypes, but also makes parts for end-use using ABS and poly-carbonate thermoplastics.


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