Lindsay Machine Works Inc. works on very large parts for many different industries. The parts we are working on today are used in cave supports for a repeat customer in the Kansas City area. The parts we are modifying are used to hold up cave ceilings. These parts in particular are too large and the customer has specified the new size. The part is then cut down and welded, without sacrificing strength.

Each of these steel parts weighs over 400 lbs. Though these parts are extremely heavy, our machinists are able to maneuver them easily.

First, we cut the part to size. Then it’s transferred to the welding department where the part is welded by our skilled welder on all sides.

The finished part is sturdy and the perfect size thanks to Lindsay Machine Works. These cave supports are ready to be positioned and placed in one of the many industrial caves located in the Kansas City area. Lindsay Machine Works has been serving the Kansas City area since 1994, working with many different industries.


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