Transportation industry OEM parts manufacturing challenges even the experts. At Lindsay Machine Works we keep people moving. Whether by air, rail or road, we manufacture equipment and tools necessary to help the industry further utilize and develop our nation’s infrastructure. Which is why the transportation industry looks to our machine shop’s skill and experience to get their order right the first time, every time.

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Lindsay Machine Works is a leading manufacturer of original equipment parts for the transportation industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation allows us to provide products that are essential for keeping people and products on the move. OEM parts manufacturing

We manufacture a wide range of components and tools designed for these travel industries:

  • Rail
  • Truck & Trailer
  • Automotive
  • Maritime Shipping

Precise Specifications and Requirements

Our precision manufacturing enables transportation companies to optimize their operations and further develop our modern transportation infrastructure. Additionally, our experienced team utilizes the latest technology and materials to create components that meet exact specifications and requirements, while our production staff ensures products are completed on time and within budget.

Reliable Parts Manufacturing

With decades of experience in the industry, Lindsay Machine Works is dedicated to providing reliable parts for all of your transportation needs. We strive to ensure that our customers get the best possible products and services, so you can keep people moving in comfort and safety. Contact us today for more information about our transportation industry OEM parts manufacturing capabilities.

We have the expertise to meet your project needs regarding solutions to OEM parts repairs or manufacturing. Even with customization, our high quality work will go beyond your expectations. Our customers provide us with top-notch reviews. We look forward to earning your trust.

Applications for transportation industry OEM parts manufacturing:



  • Axel
  • Frame


  • Axel
  • Chassis
  • Frame
OEM parts manufacturing
OEM parts manufacturing



OEM parts manufacturing

We specialize in short-run manufacturing, providing precision machined parts and components using state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathes, and CNC multi-axis vertical milling centers.

OEM parts manufacturing

Our new Victory CNC Plasma can cut almost any metal into shapes and intricacies with a superb finish that is economically unmatched by any other process if the tolerances are acceptable and is powered by a XPR300 Hypertherm unit.

OEM parts manufacturing

Our Flow & Omax waterjets can cut almost any material into shapes and intricacies using highly pressurized water mixed with garnet abrasive.

OEM parts manufacturing

With a variety of equipment and machine tools of all different sizes and types, it is rare for us to find a job too big, too difficult, too precise, or too complex to be outside our capabilities.

OEM parts manufacturing

When precise bends in sheet metal are needed, the press brake is the best tool. Paired with CNC control, this process can be useful for bending complex as well as simple shapes into many types of metal.

OEM parts manufacturing

We offer full welding services of most metals and a comprehensive set of capabilities for custom fabricated assemblies.