Short run manufacturing is just one of the areas Lindsay Machine Works excels. These steel test pucks are manufactured from 4140 steel using the Haas Live Tooling Duel Spindle DS-30SSY Turning Center. Once they are finished being turned, they are sent over to the Okamota Surface Grinder to grind the surface perfectly flat & parallel.

High precision, horizontal reciprocating surface grinders are used to grind flat, parallel and square surfaces on critical components. Surface Grinders are equipped with magnetic tables to hold ferrous parts. Component/part size can be controlled incrementally in ten-thousandths of inches.

Surface grinders will leave a smooth, linear surface finish, typically within a 16 – 32 RMS.

  • Flat, parallel, square and uniformity tolerances less than 0.001
  • Dimensional tolerance frequently requested is ±0.0005
  • Ferrous metals up to 62 RC

After grinding the surface of the puck, each one is carefully removed and inspected. If imperfections are found they are sent back to the surface grinder. Once all have passed inspection, the pucks are lapped on a granite surface plate, 3 more times, each time using a finer grit of sand paper. After the final round of lapping, you can see a noticeable difference in the finish.

Once the parts have been lapped and inspected, they are packaged and sent out to the client. Another fast turn-around for Lindsay Machine Works Inc.

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