Your older reliable equipment that’s long since performed admirably has a problem- which gives you an even bigger one: how do you repair (or even replace) components when they break? Sure there may be a parts broker or something on eBay, but how much searching will that take to find and, even then, what guarantee is there that it’s even in good working condition? This is where a custom industrial machine shop can make a difference. Instead of spending hours researching while losing hundreds of dollars each hour your production is down, reaching out to a local custom industrial machine shop can save you time and give you peace of mind. Below are just a few of the biggest reasons you may wish to partner with custom industrial machine shop.


Professional Evaluation for Repair vs Replicate

Industrial machine shops can evaluate your discontinued, damaged machine part and recommend whether it would be better to fix the broken part or remake it. Sometimes things can be welded or sleeved to offer a cost-effective solution and get your equipment back up and running. However, other times, based on what the issue is or if there is a certain alignment concern, adding heat might not be a good idea. In these cases, it may  be faster to just start anew.


Exact part may not be available

Sometimes with aged equipment, even dealers or eBay will disappoint. Machine shops can take existing parts and work off of the broken sample. This keeps your equipment a viable investment since one broken component won’t make the entire machine obsolete.


More Control of the Timeline

When ordering online from brokers or other sources, you’re not really sure when the part will show up or if it will be the correct part. By going through an industrial machine shop, they can either repair or replicate exactly what you’re looking for. They can also have a quicker lead time, especially if overtime is requested. In this way, your expensive line can be back up and running.


Does all of this sound exactly what you need? If so, check out our services and see if we can help! Whether it’s finding an obsolete or discontinued machine part for an emergency or a short run stock item and you are unhappy with your current source, we have the expertise and flexibility to keep your facility running.