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At Lindsay Machine Works, Inc. we are able to manufacture and replace OEM parts, serving many different industries. We can reverse engineer from the original part and/or images, to create a brand new, modified or repaired part. The new or repaired part must pass our rigorous inspection.

Our industrial CNC precision and manual machine shop often works with large OEM part situations. With the help of various cranes and forklifts our machinists manage large parts easily and safely. Using our 5 Axis CNC Machining Centers, we are able to manufacture replacement parts exactly the same as the original part, except we always make it faster, and many times less expensively.

In one case, the purchase of a new part was more than $20,000 from the OEM, plus the down time waiting for the part to arrive from overseas. In this case our services saved the client valuable weeks and thousands of dollars.

A different client using a high tech production machine, needed replacements of a particularly intricate part, which would have to be ordered from overseas. Replicating the part at Lindsay Machine Works, Inc., is not only saving our client money and time, but its providing a local option.

At Lindsay Machine Works we have experts you can trust.

Every Part that is manufactured or repaired at Lindsay Machine Works goes through our rigorous inspection process.

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