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Our Machine Shop Parts Gallery has more parts to take a look at from 3 of our departments: CNC Machining, Welding and Fabrication and Waterjet…   Take a look!     To see more visit our Machine Shop Gallery (click here)

Machine Shop Parts Gallery Expands

Precision Machine Shops Kansas City - MO KS
In Kansas City there is a wide variety of machine shops available, each having their own specialty. It is rare to find a machine shop that is able to specialize in several areas under oneroof. Lindsay Machine Works is just that machine shop. We offer processes like CNC machining, waterjet cutting, welding, fabrication and more.…

Precision Machine Shop – All Under One Roof!

Large Precision Machine Shop Kansas City
    A Kansas City manufacturing company ordered large custom rollers from Lindsay Machine Works. This large part was created using several processes utilizing multiple departments in our precision machine shop. The drum body was cut and machined in our conventional machine shop department using large engine lathes. The endplates for the part were cut…

Large Custom Part Manufacturing – Turning – Waterjet – CNC – Welding

Precision Machining
  Lindsay Machine Works services parts for many different reasons.  Some parts need modification, some for reverse-engineering and others for refurbishing or repair.  This part is from a regional manufacturer near Kansas City and needs to be refurbished. The machinist created a custom fixture to hold the part securely.  After setting –up the machine, the…

Machine Shop Part Modification, Refurbishing and Repair

(watch the video and see our machine-shop in action)     Lindsay Machine Works of Kansas City is equipped for CNC Machining. Our machine shop handles parts of many sizes. This part in particular requires 316 stainless steel. It is complicated, needing multiple processes. Each machining process is meticulously set-up and run by an experienced…

Lindsay Machine Works A Precision-Machine-Shop

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Here are just a few of the parts featured in our new precision machine shop gallery. Just click on the button below to browse our parts galleries.             FOLLOW US!  Like Us!  Pin Us!  Subscribe to Us!  Connect with Us!

Our NEW Precision Machine Shop Part Gallery!

From pet food to pipelines, Lindsay Machine Works, one of Kansas City’s precision machine shops, makes parts and components for all of these industries. For example, a short run of this part is needed by a national part supplier.  It will go through 4 processes before it is ready to be delivered to our customer.…

Precision Machine Shop’s Accuracy Counts